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Monday, February 14, 2011

i love u valentine...

Dear Bryce,

Even if you hate Valentine's Day, you are still my Valentine. & even though we decided not to spend any money... well blogging doesn't cost any money... and you didn't forbid it :).

-I love it when you sing to me in the car. Especially the part where you never know the right words.
-I love it how you are the best breakfast chef in the world.
-I love it how you think im great even though I am obsessive compulsive & always put your things away in spots that sometimes you don't like.
-I love it when i'm sad and you just grab me up and drop me on the bed again and again until I am laughing my head off & forgot why i'm sad.
-I love it how you are so humble that sometimes you wonder out loud how you got me. Really? That is always unbelievable to me.
-I love it when you do your nervous laugh. & I love it even more how when I point it out it makes you do it even worse!
-I love it how we fit just like a puzzle in our favorite cuddle position.
-I love it how you hold me every night before we go to sleep.
-I love it how you always take me to the temple & read the scriptures with me.
-I love it how you support me in all my dreams. Even ones that are really silly.
-I love it how you open up to me like you never could to anyone else.
-It amazes me how you never complain about anything, but at the same time, you are always sympathetic when I complain about everything!
-I love it how sometimes I know exactly word-for-word what your response to someone or something will be before you even say it.
-I love how I just have to look at you a certain way & you know just what i'm thinking & we both start laughing.
-I love how you humor me when I try to one up you with my plentiful sports knowledge.
-I love how quick you are to forgive me no matter what I do or say. You make it so easy to tell the truth & apologize & make it all better.
-I love how excited you get about small things like double stuff oreos.
-I love how when I try to thank you for doing something around the house you always try to pretend that you didn't do it & that it was me (or Milton) even when I know I didn't & Milton only comes at Christmastime.
-I love how when you don't know something you just look it up & figure it out. I really think you could do anything!
-I love how you talk to our little baby & pretend it has told you a secret but then you won't tell me!
-I love how it's hard for you to be away from me.
-I love how you have instigated the weekly celebration of "Friday-Eve".
-I love how you see the bright side of everything.
-I love how we think the same things are weird.
-I love how your so ticklish.
-I love how you have a special voice for me, even if it means you have to leave the office every time we talk :).
-I love how you call me tons.

I love everything about you. You aren't perfect (pretty close though) but you are perfect for me. I am so grateful for you & I have surprised even myself about how many more things I love about you that I don't have time to list (silly work)! But Bryce, thank you for being an amazing husband & friend to me.

I love you so much.



B and B said...

This made me tear up. You two are the cutest! XOXO

Heather said...


Unknown said...

I love you two so much!

The Adamsons said...

adorable. you guys are perfect!

Matt and Melissa said...

Oh you two are cuties! This post was funny and sweet :)

Sophia said...

I love this sweet post! and I am so excited that you are 1/3 done! wow that is crazy. I can't wait to find out what you are having!!
Thanks for your comment on my post that quote pretty much was perfect... and summed up how pointless it is to fear the future. I miss those days in the office too! we had so much fun:)

Unknown said...

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