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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

1/3rd down 2/3rds to go!

Well people I am officially in my 2nd trimester. BE-lieve it! Personally, I am in shock that it has gone by so fast, & so "horrible" free. The other night we got to see my Grandma & Grandpa Bickmore for a little while (love them) & they were asking me how I was feeling, to which I responded my typical, "I feel really good, I have been so lucky." Then my grandma told me that she didnt get sick at all with ANY of her FIVE kids & that is probably where I get it from. I sure hope so. Bless her soul!

Long story short I am still doing really well. Don't get me wrong I am DEFINATELY pregnant. I can feel it, & I have plenty of weird side effects (sweaty feet anyone?) but all in all it has not been nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I really hope it stays that way.

Would you like to see a recent picture of our little bean? I love this one because you can see the little arm & hand up over the head. So tender.
Can you see it? I typically like to point right to it so I am SURE you have seen it correctly, but since I am not there with you... I am cyber pointing.

In other news, would you like to see the treats I made for the superbowl??
These are oreo truffles shaped into little footballs. I dipped them in white chocolate w/orange food coloring. The laces were just frosting.
These were featured on thegirlwhoeatseverythings blog (see my blogroll for her awesome blog) during the 12 days of Christmas cookies. They are called "Cream Cheese Filled Cookies" I believe. I think I kept them in a little too long, but they were still pretty yummy.

I love you all! Hope everything is going well for everybody!


The Adamsons said...

so exciting jess! i can't wait to meet your little bean!

Unknown said...

I could cry! I cannot wait for your babe!! Can we see each other before your third tri PLEASE?

Jessica Madsen said...

Yay! Second trimester is the best! And, consider yourself BLESSED to be well pregnant! That`s soooo awesome! If that is the case, you should have a dozen babies!:) I can`t get over how exciting it is that you and Bryce are having a baby! When will you find out what you are having...

Also, your superbowl treats are clever, and look super yummy!! Love teh updates! Keep `em coming!

Heather said...

Love the baby bean! Love the lil footballs!!!! Love it all!

Matt and Melissa said...

Congrats again! Glad you are not feeling too sick, that is definetely lucky! Your little one looks so cute, I just love ultrasound pictures. I cannot wait to have my own up on my fridge :) Your footballs and other cookies look AWESOME! What a chef of a friend I have. Miss you and keep the updates coming. Hope your sweaty feet get better ha ha

Emily Kathleen said...

I am so excited for both of you. Happy happy day - and I bet Grandmama Colleen is thrilled. Congratulations.

B and B said...

I feel like I just found out you were preggo two days ago! Second tri already?? Sheesh! I'm so excited for you cute things! Looove the cookies, by the way! XOXO