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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Recovery... the rest.

Day 7: Wednesday was going to be my first day all alone, but I got a wonderful surprise Tuesday night when Sarah called to see if she could come and help me. I thought it was SO sweet of her to come all the way from Provo, thats a long drive. It was so nice to have her with me for a couple hours, she kept offering to help and do things for me but I just wanted to talk to whole time haha. It was really nice though since we don't see eachother enough as it is! It turned out to be sooo good that she came because after she left I was bored to tears! By the time Bryce got home I decided I would fall to peices if I had to stay another day in bed. We went on a little walk outside which felt nice, just to be somewhere else. I called my dad- I don't even remember why- but I had to ask him something and he was asking how my recovery was going and I just like started bawling haha. It is depressing because after a week you expect to feel better and you don't! He just teased me and stuff about having a weeklong vacation and then he had to go, but then he called me back a few minutes later with a plan for me to come visit "the palace of fun" aka: my parents house.

Day 8: Thursday. So Kelsey came and picked me up early that morning because I still couldn't drive yet and I spent the whole day with her at my parents. It was so nice to be somewhere "new" and do fun things. My parents gave her money and we went to cafe rio (tortilla soup for me) and later we went and got snow cones! We also watched 2 awesome girl movies namely: Newsies & John Tucker Must Die. It was so fun to spend a day with her. Bryce picked me up on his way home from work and took me to zupas to get soup. I was so spoiled.

Day 9: Friday. I slept in so late on Friday. When I woke up it was like 11, but I had nothing to do, so I just decided I was going back to work no matter what, but first I called Bryce and asked permission haha. Once I convinced him I just called Heather and told her I was coming in no matter what! Lol. It turned out to be really nice because work was busy and so it distracted me from the pain that I was feeling. After work Bryce and I ate whatever we could find at home, and then he took me to see Karate Kid!!! It was so nice and distracting and I really, really loved it! (Aside from the 12 year old romance...but whatever!)

Day 10: On Saturday things started turning around. I spent most of the day bustling around making father's day cupcakes to take to our respective houses the next day. Then we watched Back to the Future 1. After that I showered and got completely ready for the first time since my surgery lol. It took forever and I was exhausted after. Then we headed up to Park City and on the way we stopped at Noodles so I could have something yummy to eat! (Do you love how my days started revolving around eating real food?) It was so much fun to be able to hang out with family. Lizzie made me laugh so hard talking about Provo, Laur and Jeff came over later and Chris and Mike were even in town, so we all just hung out and talked and it was so nice.

Day 11: Fathers day! We were so lucky to get to see both of our wonderful fathers and celebrate with them. We really have been so blessed with such amazing role models and friends in our dads.

Day 12: Monday was my first full day back at work and it was so nice to be back! I just do better when I am busy and distracted! But I started feeling alot better on Monday and was able to start eating more stuff slowly but surely!

Day 13: It was so nice out that night!! Me and Bryce went on a walk for like an hour which made me realize how out of shape it can make you to do NOTHING for just 2 weeks. I had a side ache like within minutes. I'm so excited to get back into working out next week! But it was so nice to just spend the night together outside. I just feel so blessed. I have the best husband in the universe, we are best friends and we just have SO much fun together doing nothing. I love it. Such a good night.

Day 14: Wednesday was my first day when I didn't take a single pill! It felt so good. I didn't even realize it until I yawned (which still really hurts haha) and thought about when I could take meds next! I was so excited I decided to hold out for the rest of the day! Exactly on my two week mark I started feeling better!

On Day 16 I had my follow up appointment! They told me everything was recovering really well and in a few more weeks I shouldn't feel ANY more pain!!! I am so excited I can't even contain myself. You heard me. I really can't.


Matt and Melissa said...

Yay for recovery! Glad you are feeling better, and I hope you are not bored for too much longer. Miss you!

Matt and Melissa said...

ha ha no you don't need a baby. I was actually going to come see you but knew you weren't feeling well. Miss you though! Next time I am there :) and a baby wouldn't hurt haha only kidding.

April and Paul Monroe said...

Isn't so weird how hard that surgery is on you? Glad to hear you're feeling better though =)