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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My "Recovery" Thus Far:

Day 1: Thursday was the actual surgery. It is so funny how I was SO so afraid of the actual surgery when, just like everyone has said, it was the easiest part by far. So Thursday we drove down to Provo for Dr. Riddle to do my surgery, (it was all thanks to Mitchell's connections that I was able to get in so soon). I will just touch on a couple highlights. So I am all dressed in my gown and on the table ready to be "prepared" for surgery. Right before the nurse comes in Bryce is giving me this whole spheal about how easy the iv would be, he said, "these people are professionals, it will be better then you've ever had it before you won't even know it's there." So the nurse comes in literally right after he said that and starts jamming needles in my arm. It took her about five minutes of poking and she still couldn't get it in. It was HILLARIOUS. Meanwhile I was laughing my head off because of what Bryce had said, but I didn't want the nurse to feel bad so I would say stuff like, "he is just such a wuss for a doctors son!" Although Bryce really did look like he was about to puke. He said there was blood just spewing everywhere out of my arm. When she finally did get it in she only got the tip in and so she had to duck tape the rest to my arm, and every person, doctor, or nurse who saw it after that said, "what the heck happened to your iv?" I have the bruises to show for it :). After I was all ready and the anestisiologist gave me my initial dose we were wheeling down the hall to the actual operation room and I remember saying, "this is just like in the movies... only in the movies we would all be running," then the next thing I remember is waking up after the surgery. I have no idea how they got me onto the operation table.

After that I just sat in the little recovery room where the only thing I could/would eat were little ice chips and they pumped me full of anti nausea medicines. Bryce got me a huge bag full of ice chips at sonic on our way home and they have been a total life savor. When we got home my sweet mother came over and brought a humidifier, a gorgeous boquet of blooming lilies, a card, and a bunch of jello which has also been a lifesaver I was especially grateful that she brought Bryce cafe rio.

Day 2: Friday was just me and Bryce. His boss was so nice that she let him work from home on Thursday and Friday so that he could be with me. This whole entire day all I did was eat one jello every four hours so I could take 2 pain pills. I literally slept all day. The major highlight of Friday is the doorbell ringing and it was a delivery of GORGEOUS flowers in a lovely vase from my work. THANK YOU RE/MAX!! I really do have the best place of employment ever. They have been so great about everything, I even got my paid time off early because they are so sweet. This would all be so much harder if they weren't so understanding.

Day 3: Saturday I was so spoiled. My Grandma Kresge and cousin Kate came over to visit me. They brought everything!! They were so sweet my grandma just thinks of everything, she even did her research on tonsilectomys and brought me everything I could have including a white board so I could talk to them, jello, mac and cheese, soups, ramen, a couple packs of gum sodas etc. She also brought me a gorgeous flower arrangement in a purple vase that I LOVE and brought a beautiful hanging flower basket for my back porch! Also to my everlasting gratitude they brought Bryce a yummy sandwich from kneeders and a pizza for later, which meant so much to me. Kate picked out and awesome assortment of movies which I have been steadily knocking down! I really appreciated them coming from SO FAR and spending so much of their days off with me. After that Colleen came down to take the baton. She also brought me gorgeous roses from Grandma and Grandpa Prince's garden and the cutest card ever! Our house looks so gorgeous I love it! She also brought me Jello and some goodies and some left overs for Bryce. So he was fed really well over the weekend by our sweet family.

Day 4: Sunday was pretty rough. I weighed myself in the morning and I had already lost 7 pounds. I haven't weighed myself since because I am just trying to get regular food in myself now and I don't want to be worrying about that. Bryce had to go to church and teach our class all by himself, and i'm so grateful that he has been so willing and helpful to do whatever he needs to do. He has been the best ever. I just kept up my jello, pill, sleep rotation all day Sunday except that my sweet family came over around 6 to visit me and they played rockband for awhile. It was nice to see them all and have people over. I also got a sweet voicemail from my Grandpa Bickmore and then got to chat with him for a little bit. I feel so blessed to have such a good family and it really meant alot to me that he would remember my surgery to call and see how I was doing, even though I can't talk for long because it hurts.

Day 5: Monday was bad. I woke up and it was the first day that Bryce had to go back to work which was obviously not fun. Also I was trying to wean myself off of my pain meds so I don't die when then run out and so I woke up in massive pain. Colleen came down and spent practically the whole day home with me while Bryce was at work. She was a lifesaver as usually, and it was the first day that I ate at all, let alone consistently. She got me to eat 2 small bowls of malt 0 meal and a little bit of a smoothie while she was here. Also she weeded out yard and started cranking out our laundry. I felt horrible because she was going to town on our house and I didn't want to do anything at all I felt so so bad. She did introduce me to HGTV which as been a lifesaver because it is the ONLY good thing on during the day, so that has been way nice. When Bryce got home last night we took an outing for him to get some food and to pick up a prescription and it was my first time leaving the house since Thursday morning.

Day 6: Today has been the worst day by a clear mile, but hopefully it will get better from here. I woke up in massive pain, and feeling super nauseous. I was afraid to walk downstairs to get my pills because I thought I would through up, so I waited for my mom to get here to help me. When she got here she got all my stuff and I ate my jello, swallowed my pill, and threw it all up into the trashcan. The whole day after that has been a cycle of pain, wanting to eat so I can take meds, being too sick to my stomach to eat. It has been a nightmare, but Bryce remembered some anti-nausea pills from when we got food poisoning and my mom called the doctor to see if I could take one and they said yes. So I took one of those and things have been better since, I slept for a few hours and was able to keep down a little oatmeal and a lot of water. I've been trying hard to keep down liquids because they think I was dehydrated but it is so hard when it hurts so much to drink. My mom is so cute though, while she was here she not only finished the laundry and washed out sheets but she gave me a foot rub/pedicure and brought me some cute new sandals.

So that's it so far, I'm sure no one will read this whole thing but I wanted to remember and publicly thank everyone who as been so sweet to me. I have THE BEST family in the world. I feel so blessed to have so many people willing to sacrifice to make me feel more comfortable, thank you thank you thank you. Especially i'm thankful for Bryce who is the sweetest and best person in the world to me, even though he is the one who has to put up with me and my true emotions all the time. I love him so much and could never do it without him.


Sarah said...

HGTV is the BEST! and I totally did read this whole thing, pin a rose on my nose? ha! love you so much. hope you have a better day tomorrow. i'll come over soon.

Matt and Melissa said...

I guess I need a rose on my nose as well! I read it all, proud or what?! I hope you get feeling better!!! I will call you next week when I am in town and maybe I can bring you something. Get better!!

Unknown said...

Wow, I feel like the worst friend ever! I definietly need to come see you! I am so glad you have had so many wonderful people come take care of you! I love you and I hope you get better soon!

The Sisters 4 say MORE is more said...

Gosh I love moms!! After I had Eden my mom was an angel.. I cried when she left.
I love that she gave you foot rubs!!
~Sophie Fogt