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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mr. Luke lives in West Jordan

When we were in the NICU the doctors were telling us it could be 3 weeks, (that would have been the average for his age), but Bryce's birthday was in 2 weeks. So Bryce told Luke that all he wanted for his birthday was for him to come home, if he was ready. So every time Luke was eating really well, or gaining wait or got to take a cord off we would tell him how we knew he was trying so hard to get home for daddy's birthday, and how we were so proud, because he was just such a fighter.

Well he got to come home even a week earlier than that! We were completely shocked & so happy to take the little bundle home last Sunday. He is so much fun to be around. His days & nights are completely switched so he is awake all night and sleeps pretty much all day, which is really hard for the mommy & daddy, but oh so worth it. Also, we have found that he has acid reflux, which is really common in preemie babies, but it makes it really hard for the poor little guy to sleep at night. It also totally scared his parents the first night because it sounds like he is choking/gagging all night long. It is still hard for me to listen to him sound so uncomfortable. Luckily, our doctors are great & they gave us some ideas of things that might make it easier for him & I think they have helped at least a bit.

We love him so much & sometimes still can't believe that we created this sweet boy & that he is home with us for good. It's surreal. Here are a few pictures to prove it's happening.

The morning he got to come home, in his first outfit that was actually his & his only preemie outfit :).

In his carseat, ready to come home!

Sleeping with Daddy!

First Doctor's appointment!

Just hangin out!


Lauren Allen said...

I just get the biggest smile on my face every time you post new photos! I still can't believe you guys are finally parents! I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET baby Luke IN TWO WEEKS! Just the sweetest little boy I've ever seen!
I especially love the pic of him and Bryce.
Happy 26th tomorrow Buzzy!! We wish we were there to shove lemon pie in your face :)
Love you guys!

McKall said...

love him already, so happy for you guys!!

ABick said...

he is beautiful!! i can't wait to come over and really cuddle that boy! love you Luke!!

Jessica Madsen said...

Aw, he is so cute!! You guys are doing such a great job, especially considering all that you have been through! sorry to hear about the acid reflux:( That can kind of be miserable for everyone not just Luke! I hope it goes away soon, or the medicine can help him feel comfortable. You guys are all champs! You have a fighter in that little boy! Happy Birthdat Bryce! So glad to see your birthday wish came true!

haili hunter said...

Jess, he is perfect!!

Greg, Abby and Baby Riggs said...

Wow he looks so great! I love his little preemie outfit. What a stud! I want to hold him so bad. You guys are the best parents. Remember, he is a tough little thing so he can handle a lot! I remember thinking that Riggs was so fragile and it made things harder. I love you jess!!!

Heather said...

Oh Jesse, I just can't even believe it! I love him so much and I haven't even met him yet. I love your stories, PELASE keep up the blogging. I miss you and couldn't be more proud of the awsome parent you've already become!