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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Remembering A Friend


I can still remember the first time I met you. We were coming over to your house on a Sunday for dessert. You & John were in the basement watching the living scriptures videos. You guys were teaching us who the characters were "that guy is Lamoni..." I was five years old.

After that I can remember playing tag in your front yard & a million other night games.

I particularly remember playing a game where we were all animals, & we picked which animals we were going to be off of Johns national geographics. We played around the huge weight set in your basement, & an imaginary stream was the dividing line. We were always a team. Jessica & Bo vs. Kelsey & John. I like to think we always won, but I don't really remember that part.

I remember the future missionary tag you always wore to church.

I can remember staying up all night on New Years Eve & eating tons of junk & rewinding "A Goofy Movie" a million times to dance to that weird song they play before the movie.

I can remember laughing our heads off at group piano lessons because John kept farting.

I remember how much better you were at piano than I was.

Later I remember you guys practicing the piano a ton in exchange for something from your parents. I think it was dirt bikes?

I remember digging a sand castle at Uba lake.

I remember moving away to Texas & moving back home & nothing had really changed.

I remember playing truth or dare & you always picked dare.

I remember when all my friends got into boys & everyone was jealous because we were friends with you & John. I remember you felt more like brothers.

I remember hiking Mt. Timpanogus.

I remember a double date to temple square where John made you go back up to your dates door after we dropped her off because you gave her a handshake goodnight :).

I remember you winning the school election.

I remember going boating.

I remember as we got older after family home evening with our families the four of us would go downstairs and talk about life.

I remember lots of fun times swimming.

I remember you always making everyone laugh.

I can remember how much you loved your family & how you lit up when you talked about John & Kayla, or Bridger, or your parents.

I don't remember you complaining or ever being negative. I don't remember you ever saying anything bad about anyone else.

You were always a good example to those around you. I am proud to be your friend.

I love you Bo. I know that I have no idea what you have been through these last few years, but I find peace in knowing you are out of pain now & again with our Savior who you love so much.

We will all miss you.

Love, Jess


Sarah said...

He was the best.

kim said...

Yes, so many wonderful memories of an amazing young man & brother...we miss you Bo.

April and Paul Monroe said...

I forgot how close you guys were, I'm sorry Jess. Hope you are doing ok.