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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Creamsicles & Summertime

You all know that I never (or at least rarely) blog on a whim, & two days in a row? Forget about it. So what's the big occasion you ask? No occassion. But I am pregnant, & I am having 2 severe cravings neither of which can be filled right now. So i'm hoping maybe this will get them out of my system, (like when you have a song stuck in your head & you have to listen to the whole thing before it will go away. No? Just me? Well, whatever).

I am craving creamsicles & summertime.

So, you know those treats that if calories didn't count you would probably eat them alot, but since they do they just don't quite make the "this is worth it anyway" cut? Well creamsicles are one of those. But right now... they'd make the cut. Maybe even two of them....daredevil. But you just can't eat a creamsicle if its not summertime am I right? How else will they get all melty goodness where it mushes when you bite it? Hmm??? That's what I thought. Sad face.

Look at that blue sky! Oh! What I wouldn't give to be there right now. But alas. It is March, which in Utah means winter, & I am stuck at work. But guess what folks. This summer I will be pregnant & hot & my last day of work is July 15th. So hear this now. I am going to buy a box of creamsicles & eat the whole thing if I want to. *(What will really happen is I will get them because I know I'll eat them but then really I will eat between 0 & 1 then they will either a)get steadily pushed back in our freezer until they are a freezerburned char when I finally clean it out or b) Bryce will eat them & we will never buy them again). Sigh. But I will buy that box.


Matt and Melissa said...

ha I am going to feel you with the "being pregnant in summer", we may be MISERABLE. Atleast Utah has air conditioning. NOWHERE in Oregon has AC, what are they thinking?! I have been craving Pot Stickers...weird I know. Atleast they are warm and good in this cold, but boy do creamsicles sound good too!

Emily Kathleen said...

I think you can sneak in a creamsicle once it hits 60 degrees outside. It will feel like summer after this long cold winter - so go buy yourself a box because that weather could happen soon!

Melanie said...

or, you will just eat the whole box yourself and wonder why you didn't buy two so you could share with Bryce! ; D hahahahaha If it makes you feel better, I first found out I was pregnant with Daniel after I ate an ENTIRE bottle of pickles BY MYSELF. Gross, huh??? You and little Bryce Jr deserve some creamsicles, girl! Indulge while you can! : )