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Friday, November 5, 2010

Canning! Riggs! Jazz! Wedding! Candlelight Dinner!

Here's a major update of what we've been doing!
We have already been able to go to two Jazz games this season SO FUN! To bad they got killed the 2nd game, but what can ya do? & They have turned it around. GO JAZZ! By the way, I cut bangs! Lol I dont' know why I don't have them down in any of the other pictures!
These pics are at Riggs' Birthday Party! Oh my goodness could you die over this little guy?? In these pictures he is holding part of our gift to him (the ball) which I personally think was his favorite! This party was amazingly adorable. I wish I had more pictures. Bryce & I went over there the night before to help them get stuff ready meaning that Bryce & Greg mostly played & Abby & I got things ready haha. Ab had so many cute ideas! We made the cutest pumkin/candy centerpeices & ghost favors! The party turned out perfect & we are so grateful for the incredible Anderson family in our lives. Thank you for being the best friends to us!
These Pics are from Kels & Ryan's wedding dinner. It was so perfect. Tanner played the drums as his gift to them & it is CRAZY how good he is getting. I tried & tried to upload a video of him playing but it won't work.. Grrr. Ryan sang for Kels at the end too which was totally adorable. & the food & everything was so yum. I will definately be posting more wedding pics as we get some!
So this year I have become a total canning convert! I am so excited about it. I didn't know how I would like it but it turns out I LOVE IT. First, Me & Laury & Colleen canned peaches & raspberry jam & it was SO YUMMY! Then for round two me & Colleen & Bryce did applesauce & apple pie filling! They all turned out so good! Don't let the pictures fool you, Bryce was a HUGE helper, we just couldn't get a pic of him before my camera died! I already can't wait to can next year & I want to do even more! I dream of salsa & pears & tomato sauce!! :) I'm so grateful for my sweet mother in law who gave up two saturdays to help me learn & can with me!!
& now for the sweetest thing. Last night when I came home from the gym to this. (The lights were all off, it was a candlelight dinner but the flash ruined in the picture). Bryce had made the most AMAZING DELICIOUS tomato alfreado pesto fetucini with salmon, complete with artisan bread for dipping. Man, he could be a chef I swear to you! He puts me to shame in the kitchen. It had been a long day & it was totally the sweetest thing in the world. I am constantly amazed by Bryce, who had his own long day i'm sure. After dinner we watched Beauty & the Beast & had my favorite ice cream. Such a perfect night. I love him so much.


Sarah said...

oh you guys are the cutest! i am still pissed that i missed riggs birthday. i was this close! ahh. anywho. you guys are the best. miss you!!!

B and B said...

Tell Bryce I need that recipe! What an awesome guy!

Matt and Melissa said...

You two are so cute! Sounds like you guys are doing awesome. I LOVED your picture where you are wearing your disneyland shirt by the way, I still have mind too :) Miss ya!

Ali & Trev said...

You guys are sooo cute! Your house looks cute too.. I am sure little ones will be running around sometime soon?!

Emily Kathleen said...

You and Bryce are so adorable together. And Colleen is amazing with anything that has to do with being a mother or mother-in-law. I never did learn some of her talents. Canning great peaches one of them. Give Bryce and Colleen a big hug for me Jessica.