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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So Spoiled

Can you believe all the gifts I got yesterday?? It looks like Christmas am I right??
Bryce is the sweetest person in the world. Each and every prize was something that I had mentioned in the past (sometimes distant past) that I wanted. I obviously need to be a little more careful about telling him things I want because he always gets them! The books (which i'm SO excited to read) & the cookie cutters (which i'm so excited to use) he ordered on amazon. Beauty & the Beast has ALWAYS been my favorite disney movie & i'm so excited that we have it now so that when we have kids they'll love it as much as I did. Oh & p.s. the two sweatshirts are the most comfy things ever. Perfect as its starting to get cooler. What an amazing man he is.

But obviously, its not about the gifts. He always puts me first. Bryce is truly the most selfless & hardworking person I know. I'm such a lucky girl.


Jessica Madsen said...

Wow. That bryce is something else. That really is something you only see happening in the movies. You are one lucky girl, and it`s good to see bryce knows how equally lucky he is as well.

Unknown said...

Bryce is such a gem! You are one lucky lady! Love and miss you sooo much! Lunch soon?

Emily Kathleen said...

I think you are BOTH very lucky and I am happy that you found each other. Bless Liz & Lauren for bring the two of you together!

xoxo, dani said...

Lucky Girl!
I got a present today too but I had to convince tanner for it to be my Christmas present :)


What was all this for? just because you're beautiful?

Julie Ann said...

I'm so happy to see you so happy. Isn't being married the best ever?

PBAJ said...

Your birthday is still in January right?

Blake and Allyse Boardman said...

What are all those surprises for! Was it your birthday? Or does he just love you?.. lucky gal! Are you guys in New York? or where did your husband get a job? I'm worried about Blake because he has done all of the things to get into med school, but he is so far behind in the business world, besides having a good GPA. What company does Bryce work for? :) Congrats, all so exciting!