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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ken Prince: Our Grandpa

Marrying Bryce 2&1/2 years ago has changed & blessed my life in so many ways, one of those ways being that I gained a huge new extended family to love & laugh with. I loved Grandpa Prince from the start. His warmth & enthusiasm for life was undeniable. Every time we were with them as soon as we got in the car I told Bryce, "he is the sweetest man in the world," & he really was.

It was always crazy to me how healthy & active he was at nearly 89 years of age. Just last week on July 13th Grandpa was heading down the stairs to get ready for bed & fell. Grandma rushed to call an ambulance & he was rushed to the hospital. The Dr.'s knew that there was brain damage & internal bleeding but at first they thought that he would live. In the days that followed though, he slipped into a coma & things took a turn for the worse. Just this morning he passed through the veil, to be with his Father in Heaven & his family on the other side.

This has been a very spiritual & emotional week for all of us. It has been such a blessing for us to live close & be able to be at the hospital with him & Grandma so much this past week. I'm so grateful that I got to hold his hand & kiss his forehead & tell him I loved him one last time. Even more so it has been a huge blessing how much we were able to see & visit with him these past few months of his life.

I think I am about the only member of the family who was in complete denial. I thought the whole time he would live. I am horrible at letting go. On Saturday Bryce & I were at the hospital for about 6 hours, & for a pretty good chunk of that time it was just us, Colleen & Grandma. Grandpa seemed so peaceful, & every time I looked over at him memories flooded my mind, almost always of Grandpa laughing, he had the greatest laugh, or of him whispering to me (as i'm sure he told all the grand-daughters) that I was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen, with the greatest sparkle in his eyes.

We will miss him so much.

But what a legacy he has left behind. The spirit has been so strong throughout this entire process as his posterity gathered together in the hospital to pay tribute to a man we all love & learned so much from.

My testimony of the plan of salvation has grown & strengthened throughout this experience. I KNOW we will see Grandpa again.

Until we meet again, thanks for everything you taught us Grandpa. We love you so much.

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Matt and Melissa said...

He is in a much better place now and I am sure he is watching you guys and is so proud of you. He seems like such a sweet grandpa and I am sure he will be missed. I am so sorry to hear the news, and I wish you guys luck.