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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Busy Birthday Weekend

Thursday night felt like Friday, because I got the day off Friday in honor of Pioneer day! That night Bryce surprised me & took me to see Inception, which I have to admit, we both loved.

On Friday I went down to Bryce's work to take him out to lunch since he didn't get the day off :( it was really fun to see his office & grab a bite to eat though. Friday Night we went to Park City for the Deer Valley concert series to celebrate Bryce's birthday with his family. It was my favorite night of the summer so far. Colleen made the YUMMIEST picnic lunch i've ever had & Lauren made homeade good. The music was fantastic & it was so fun to just be together & cuddle on the grass. Loved it, loved it.

On Saturday (Bryce's official birthday) we woke up & of course had to have Mcdonalds breakfast! When we brought our breakfast back home I gave Bryce his present which was a gift basket with all his presents inside. After that we had to write our church talks (super fun birthday activity right?) Of course it took Bryce about half the time it took me, but while I finished he got to play one of his new brithday presents Mario Galaxy 3 (who ever thought they'd see the day i'd buy a nintendo game?) which I was really excited about, since Bryce never gets to do anything for himself. After we finished our talks we had some birthday cake & then we went to see Toy Story 3 which was so sweet. You just can't beat Disney/Pixar.

After Toy Story 3 We went to meet the Bailey's & visit Grandma. She was doing so amazing, it's unbelievable. Talk about a strong woman. All the girls were in fun summer colored shirts so I had to snap a picture..

After visiting Grandma we all headed to the Real game. This is mine & Bryce's 4th game of the season, we are becoming huge fans! We had sweet tickets & it was so fun to all be together especially Chris & Mike from NY! There were even fireworks after the game.


On Sunday morning we gave our talks which went pretty well I think. As always I was amazed at how lucky I am to have Bryce, & so proud to be his wife. After church we headed up to Park City to have dinner, & then we went down to Grandpa's viewing. After that we headed home & made popcorn & watched Jerry Mcquire on TV. It was so nice to just relax together.

Monday was the funeral, and it was absolutely amazing. The viewing was first, then the funeral, then the graveside service, then a luncheon for the family. It was the most beautiful funeral i've ever been to. Everyone who spoke did a great job & the music was incredible to say the least. At the graveside service, Grandpa got a 21 gun salute for being a veteran. The whole day was awesome & uplifting & we will always remember the peace we felt there.

Laur took these amazing pictures, isn't she talented?

Over all it was a really wonderful & unique weekend. Since then, we also got to go over to my parents house for Bryce's Bickmore Birthday dinner. Bryce picked his favorites (pizza & my mom's chocolate caramel cake) for dinner, & then we opened his presents. He was very spoiled by both our families. We are so blessed to have such great relationships with those we love. Thank you to everyone who makes our lives so full & rich!


Matt and Melissa said...

What a weekend! You look great Jessaroo, miss ya!

Sarah said...

I didn't even know it was his birthday! I think I owe him a pie. Lets party. Oh and I love the pics with you and the bailey girls matching in this one and in the purple in that other post. So cute.

Lauren Allen said...

I love it when you post! And I'm obsessed with the photo of us on gma's couch! We're so pastel! haha And the real pics turned out great too. Loved how you said it was such a fun/unique weekend cuz it totally was! Concert, Real, Viewing, Funeral, Birthday.... haha We were pretty lucky to steal you guys away for nearly the whole weekend tho!

Unknown said...

I just love you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYCE!!!

Sophia said...

thanks for following!!!!