Friday, July 16, 2010

Fathers Day

Our Fathers day was so fun! I was still at the end of my recovery so we took it easy. On Saturday I decided I needed a project though, so I made some cute golf cupcakes to take to our daddys. It took forever, lol but it was way fun! We spent Saturday night and Sunday morning with our Bailey family and it was so good to have Chris and Mike here! It was so funny to walk down the stairs on Sunday for church and ALL the girls were wearing purple! So we had to do a quick photo shoot. We missed you Ty & Alex. Then we went to my house to hang with Tan, My Daddy, & Kels. My mom and Paige were in Cali but it was still a great time, I hate to admit it, but I am coming to really enjoy watching golf, lol Go Phil!

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Unknown said...

Umm OH MY GOSH!! Tanner is a MAN!! When and why did this happen. He doesn't even look the same... CRAZY!!! Let's play again soon, I just relly miss you!