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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Umm, can I be proud of myself for a sec?!?

So I love to cook, I really do, but for me it has always been stressful. The reason why you may ask?? Because I hate PICKING. Me and Bryce both have major issues with choosing. Mostly because neither of us wants to pick something that the other person hates and then be responsible lol. This applies to dates, furniture, FOOD, music, pretty much everything in our lives. We know we are rediculous, lol and we are working on it. Anyhow, cooking always stressed me out because I have to come up with all these ideas and it is time consuming and it costs money and what if it doesn't turn out???


We've had a food revolution. Sort of, haha.

Ever since we have moved into our new house (we are only on our 3rd week, haha so don't be too proud of me) I have planned a menu and followed through with it everyday!!!! Although there has been a bit of shifting around things on the kitchen front have been looking up.

Special thanks to Heather for all her motivation and advice :D.

Here is this weeks menu:

Sunday: Dinner @ the Bailey’s
Monday: Autumn Chicken
Served With: Brown sugar Carrots
Tuesday: Sweet & Sour Shrimp w/Pineapple
Served With: Rice
Dessert: Berry Crisp
Wednesday: Hot & Juicy Reuben Sandwiches
Served With: Salad
Thursday: Chinese Cashew Chicken
Served With: Salad & Fresh Rolls
Friday: Date Night
Dessert: Make Something Fun Together
Saturday: Greek Chicken
Served With: Asparagus


Sarah said...

i did that once. for one week. it was the best week! planning made it so much easier. cooking is really stressful for me too! (hence why jacob usually cooks because its more fun for both of us that way) KUDOS this is definately something to be proud of! i'm going to try to feed off of these good vibes you are putting out

Sophia said...

Making a plan makes all the difference! I am proud!

Unknown said...

You are amazing!

Sophia said...

planning out dinners has been the thing that has worked best for me hands down!
and I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't made dinner since I stopped planning them out 2 weeks ago:(
ps- I just got so confused when I saw the other "Sophia" comment. I was thinking "hmmm, when did I write that?"

Matt and Melissa said...

Way to go! How about you mail me your left overs? those sound like gourmet meals jess!

Heather said...