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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Can we talk about tonsils?

I am angry with mine. They are such teasers. Every few months since I was a little child they love to flare up and then calm back down and then do it all over again.

Well, they are comin out.

Not with scissors though Dad... although it may come to that if June 11th doesn't come quick.

Everyone mark your calendars for June you can bring me ice cream.... j/k. But seriously, you could all pray for me, because I am a little afraid.

I have never had a stitch, never had a cavity, never had a broken bone, and DEFINATELY never had a surgery. Supposedly tonsils are alot worse for an adult too... great.

I was lookin at pictures online so I could post one, and it almost made me barf... so I will spare you all.

If you have had your tonsils out, then give me advice and yummy foods I can eat without suffering.

Please and thank you.


Matt and Melissa said...

good luck my little jess!! You will do great! and as for food I will try to think of recommendations, I have not had mine out but jello sure sounds like it would slide down nicely don't you think!? (when doesn't it?!)

Ali & Trev said...

Ok Jess I'm going to be honest!!! Getting your tonsils out sucks... Of course I had my tonsils, anoids and debated septum done at the same tine, but it was the worst most painful 14+ days ever and I have broken my femur, I'm a pretty tough girl. I didn't and couldn't eat much, apple sauce, scrambled eggs if you feel that good and at some point maybe mac and cheese, but honestly ice cre sucks it leaves you a little flemmy which is no bueno. Anything else you need to know let me know! Good luck girlie, love you mucho.

EssayEm said...

spicy mexican food. i recommend taco salad, taco grande, taco soup, hamburger tacos, etc. nothing cures a sore throat like a little meat, cheese, and ketchup. fight fire with fire.

The Adamsons said...

Jess! Did you know I got my tonsils out a year and a half ago?? AND I've never had surgery, broken bones, nothing either! (knock on wood) Not until I was changing into my robe and getting naked did I realize that I was REALLY getting surgery! The worst part to me was the medicine I made me gag. But Michael so kindly mixed it into yogurt and things so I didn't want to gag everywhere. I also lived off of a mashed potato and ice cream diet for weeks. But you have Bryce to take care of you and he'll make you feel like a princess. I honestly only felt good when Michael was around. Anyway...any other questions call me! Love you!

April and Paul Monroe said...

I got my tonsils out like the week after I got married and not gonna lie, its not very fun, but you'll survive. And on the plus side, you can't really eat much, so its a great diet! I think I lost almost 10 lbs haha. Good Luck Jess, you'll do great! =)

tkg said...

So jess, remember when I got mine out a little less than three years ago? You and bryce came and visited me and it meant so much to me that I wanted to cry (but couldnt...becasue it does not work right after you get them out). So what got me through it was homemade chicken noodle soup and some good movies. Dont worry, I will make you some soup and bring it by. I also found the jello with the fruit in it and popsicles to be very soothing. Now I imagine riddle is doing it and he did mine. I never felt more comforted going under on the operating table as he was listening to led zepplin. He is wonderful and did a fantastic job. I have not been sick since. Call me if you need someone to talk to about it. Give your handsome husband a big kiss for me too.