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Saturday, April 10, 2010

World's BEST realtor!

I would like to blog for a minute about a Realtor I know. His name is Terry Tueller Bickmore. If any of you are ever contemplating buying a house in your lives, I would print this out and save it, even if you have a brother/sister/aunt/cousin/neighbor who is a Realtor... because I can guarantee you they are not as good. This man gives his clients incredible service. Aside from all the various gifts and thank you's you'll receive from him he is EXCELLENT at his job. I always feel bad when I hear about people buying or selling a house using someone who isn't very good, it is such a disadvantage. He is so persuasively skilled and ALWAYS negotiates his clients the very best deal possible. He held true to this standard for us as well. Not only did he find us (I believe) the most adorable and perfect house in our price range, he negotiated a great price as well as all the closing costs ($6,000 worth), the fridge, the washer & dryer, the shed, and a home warranty. Furthermore, after the inspections he helped us to see to it that everything that needed to be fixed, the sellers would take care of. Aside from all these things, he is the most honest and hardworking person that I know. Thank you Daddy, we love you.

Here are some pictures of our *HOPEFULLY* new house for your viewing pleasure. If all continues to go well with our loan etc. we will close on the 28th! We are so excited. Bryce took me to IKEA today (he is such a good husband) because I just LOVE to visualize all the cute things I am going to do, even though a lot of the rooms will probably be empty for awhile, as our new home feels palatial to us.

Please excuse my ineptitude at photography. My camera was dying and so I just snapped a quick picture of most rooms and the angles were really bad haha.
This is the RV parking to the side of the garage... we are SO excited to have a garage!
The Entryway...
The "home teacher"/formal living room.
The kitchen.
The dining area.
The family room. (It's a lot bigger than it looks, it goes really deep.)
Basement bathroom
Basement bathroom 2.
Laundry, (sooo excited for this too!)
Main Bathroom.
Downstairs bedroom 1
downstairs office/bedroom
upstairs bedroom 1 (I want to re-paint these but i love the two-tone ability)
Upstairs bedroom 2
Master bedroom!
Master bath.
Backyard 1. We are obsessed with the yard. We are going to have a garden and plant a peach tree and throw barbeques! Haha it is the cutest yard ever. Especially considering most houses in our price range don't even have yards lol.
backyard 2.
back patio.
side yard & shed.


Sarah said...

this is super super exciting! i feel really inclined to buy cute furniture for your house! i know that is silly. but i go garage sale-ing every saturday morn and and always find great pieces that just need little bits of love but i don't have anywhere to put them in our tiny place! so if i show up with a dresser or a couch sometime that's why. k yay good luck with the loan. see you MONDAY!

Ali and Dane said...

What an adorable house!!! Congrats you homeowners you!

Matt and Melissa said...

This place is adorable! I am so excited for you guys. It will be so nice to have a place of your own! WOOT WOOT!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

jess! i am sooo happy for you! can I come see it and you? I miss you!! Love you

Unknown said...

Ya know what I love MOST about your house? It has 2 rooms just waiting for children!! :) Hurry up and make one would ya??