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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well this post is l-a-t-e but we are home!!! And loving it. We have been super busy and so I haven't been able to see hardly anyone yet besides our families, but hopefully we can plan some get togethers soon! Alot has been going on so here is the short list...
-Bryce has commenced working in Salt Lake and is still loving Goldman
-Jessica got a great job as the Listing Coordinator for a real estate office in South Jordan
-We bought a car! A 2006 Saturn Ion for a steal of a deal (pic later)
-We are under contract for our very first house in West Jordan! We are so excited!
We went up to Park City for Easter Sunday and it was so good to see everyone up there. It is so nice to not have homework when we get home, but we are learning that the working world is BUSY, and we are finding out that everything is alot more crowded when you can only run errands on Saturdays or after 5! We love you all and love to read your blogs and hear from you, lets do something soon!



Sarah said...

woop! its your turn to call me back. and i want to play with you SOON. please and thank you.

Matt and Melissa said...

Awesome for Bryce and Awesome for Jess!!! the working world is busy I agree. but it is pretty nice not having homework! I want to see pictures of your new car and keep me updated on your house! that is SO AWESOME!!! Miss you Little Dove

Ali and Dane said...

how fun that you're home! WELCOME WELCOME (sabbath morning duh duh duh i don't know the rest of that song.) welcome dear girl.. i don't know how long you've been back but i think a little groupie dinner would be kinda fun yes? ok bye.

and photos of you guys would be stellar

Sophia said...

it looks great! Congrats!!