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Thursday, May 14, 2009

From 1 to 21

it is so crazy how fast life goes by. bryce is out of town (i miss him so much) and so kels slept over last night (thanks girl) but anyways we were talking about like marriage and stuff and she said, "its so crazy how it was like yesterday that we were talking about crimping our hair and what belt we wanted to wear the next day to cresent view." haha. totally a funny image to me but it is so true. sometimes i totally feel like i am still fifteen. (i know right now in your heads all of you are thinking that i still look like i am). but seriously though its so crazy. i have lived 21 years. wonderful years. and that is a fourth of the average, female human life. when i think how fast these years have flown by i feel like i am going to wake up tomorrow and bryce and i will be celebrating our 60th wedding aniversary! it really makes me want to enjoy the present, and make the most of each moment. i think that sometimes its hard not to be continually looking forward, (because we always should be looking forward), but just never at the expense of the present moment. life really is such a beautiful gift, and i'm so grateful for the knowledge that this earth life is just a moment in the real scheme of things. the other day at work i was talking to my boss and one of the cooks about what it meant to be "sealed" (they asked me due to confusion of a wedding announcement) and I explained that it meant that you were sealed to eachother after this life, that it was an ordinance that allowed you to continue your covenants, essentially forever. they were jokingly wondering why anyone would want to live forever, especially with one person and the answer was so simple to me. you do when you are in love. i love every moment that i get to spend with bryce, and it would be devastating to me to imagine our connection ending. i have had the best life so far and i really want to move forward taking advantage of every moment. i know i have so far to go but i do not want to look back on my life twenty years from now and feel like i haven't progressed, and its scary to me how that is truly a possibility if i don't start today to strive and push myself and become a little better everyday.


Unknown said...

Jess this is beautiful. I have had the same thoughts. We truly are so blessed. from living in an amazing place to find wonderful husbands. We really do need to savor every moment.. I wish we could of savored dinner together last night.. SOON PLEASE! I love you!!

Sarah Jane said...

i love that pic of you two!

ABick said...

i'm so happy for you honey!!
love you!!

Greg, Abby and Baby Riggs said...

You two are the cutest jess! Will you email me the pictures from our little overnighter? I want to blog about it. Love you child.

Anonymous said...

Jessica!! Marc and I were so happy to find your blog.. I found it through McKall Price.. Anyway you two are adorable! We really need to get together sometime soon. Next time we're in SLC we will give you guys a call. Tell Bryce hello from Marcus. :)