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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Even though I shouldn't I just had to take the time to blog a little about our weekend in Virginia! It was so amazing. It truly is like a Walden there. I love the quiet and the natural beauty that surrounds everything! Even waking up in the morning we got to look out on this beautiful lake! The city feels twice as noisy as it ever did before, and we're talking Provo, not like NYC. All in all it was an incredible time. The best part was getting to finally meet, Daryll, Arlene and Grandma Hazel! I am so mad that we didn't get any pictures with them, but next time I will. Here are just a couple of pictures of beautiful Pemberly!

Bryce skipping rocks... (it's harder than it looks by the way!)
Just a tiny part of their garden.
The view from the back patio, we had a bbq on Saturday afternoon out there.
Pemberly from the back!


Ali & Trev said...

Loved hanging out at Guru's yesterday!

Desirae Badger said...

Jessica, You totally look like your mom in that picture by the lake with the wind blowing your hair! It was good to see you for a brief second while we were up there a few weeks ago. I feel really bad that I didn't say hi to your dad, though! I guess he was downstairs when we got back from dinner at Applebee's. Say hello to him for me!