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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

life, love and the latest

dear dear. it has been much too long has it not? nevertheless, here i am! despite the fact that it is march (the worst month of the year) things are absatively posolutely wonderful. bryce (he is so smart, and sweet, and hardworking by the way) has secured himself an internship for the summer from a very very nice man named Daryl who is a financial consultant for the airline industry and an avid Jane Austen fan (which lends him my great esteem). we are really excited for that opportunity. another cool thing is that bryce is doing the internship from here (with a fair bit of commuting involved) but this way we will not have to move (yay) and i will be able to take an asl class in the spring, which means we will both graduate together this december 2009! isn't that the craziest thing? i still can't believe it. things are going so good for us. if i know one thing it is that things just always seem to fall into place as long as you are doing the things you should be doing. we are so happy together and we really hope that thier are other couples out there who approach our happiness levels.

some quick things we are excited about:
*mike and chris get married may 2nd!
*jeff gets home april 17th!
*ryan has been out 6 months and is an awesome missionary
*we will be here for tanner's and bryce's birthday's
*a new experience this summer (bryce's first summer home in over 4 years!)
*march madness
*american idol baby! (go danny!)
*the life ahead of us


Matt and Melissa said...

I am so glad you two lovebirds are doing so good! I am so glad to be able to go on here and see how you are since we live so far away! I miss and love you!!!

-Melburt =)

C4 McKendrick said...

Hi guys! just wanted to say hi!
We are happy that everything is going the way you want to. Are you guys going to come to Cali in may or june? Is your family coming?

Adrienne said...

EXCUSE ME. March is the best month of the year. It's the month that gets to do whatever it pleases. In like a lion, out like a lamb. Or maybe the other way around. Plus, it is my month. The month in which I came into this earth 21 little years ago. March and I get along quite nicely. And I think it would be nicer to you if you didn't say terrible things like saying it's the worst month of the year.

McKall said...

I love you two! I'm so glad things are going so great for you guys!

ABick said...

what??? you aren't moving? i'm so bummed now! :(
but i understand that it will be easier that way....
i'm so glad that things are working out for you guys though. :D
love ya lots!