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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

10 things that BUG me:

1) how every teacher acts like theirs is the only class you are taking
2) when I can hear people around me swallowing/gulping
3) repeating myself
4) hypocrites
5) commercials, why does every commercial have a scantily clad woman on it? Even if its for poster board or cheese or a new computer?
6) i bug myself with my obsessive neatness
7) people who call me repeatedly but won't leave a message
8) groups of 8-12 college age girls who ask you for a million things, make a huge mess, but don't feel it's necessary to tip at a restaurant
9) too tight pants on boys
10) people who think they know everything

1 comment :

Matt and Melissa said...

haha your obsessive with cleanliness one was perfect! If only I was like that!!! love ya!