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Monday, January 5, 2009

Gosh I cannot believe that break went by so quickly!!! Did it for anyone else or was it just me? On the positive side both Bryce and I did really well last semester, so that always feels nice for like ten seconds until you move on to new classes. Haha. Bryce is still doing the business thing and I am rushing to finish :D! I have no idea why I feel like I have to sprint to the end but I really do. I am trying to wrap up about the same time as my loving hubby. Speaking of which, WE HAVE BEEN MARRIED FOR A YEAR AND 8 DAYS!!!! Isn't that crazy??? We had an awesome anniversary full of surprises and fun. Bryce bought me a beautiful necklace, I'll get pictures up later! I just figured I would blog really quick even though I have nothing to say because I'm waiting for my first class to start and I hope its not another few months from here!


McKall said...

That's crazy its been a year already!!! congrats, love ya girl!

Sarah Jane said...

I hope so too! When I am back in Provo we need to see one another!!! I love you.