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Thursday, December 18, 2008

A very merry Christmas to all

This year, after considering that our little apartment isn't equipped with a chimney, and we don't eat cookies and milk anymore, we decided to save Santa the Christmas eve trouble and invite him over early. We shamefully admit that we lack the self control to keep the presents wrapped under the tree until Christmas. We have been opening a present here and there for a couple of weeks now, and frankly, I dig it. Looking back, I have no idea how I waited before this year. I hope our future children are ready for some new school Christmas traditions. One present on December 1st and the rest of them anytime we darn well please until there are no more. Partaking in the true Christmas spirit on Christmas will be easier that way. Anyway, Jessica got me the sickest jacket that man ever made, and she didn't stop there. She heard this jacket may never make it back to the market, and thus she got me two of them. DVSC is a Hungarian soccer club. She also got me Beetle the Bard, a D-will t-shirt and a Jazz freezer mug. I'm super stoked with the freezer mug, it keeps those beverages cool for hours. I've always hated how milk gets warm after like 5 minutes, but now... hate no more baby, I've got a freezer mug. OH, and the best part, she also got a copy of the jacket for herself. Twinners baby. Huge thanks to our Adidas man Lee, and of course Jessie.


jessandbryce said...

I love you Brycer!

Sarah Jane said...

Ya'll just make me smile.

ABick said...

that is an awesome tradition...although what will you be doing xmas day?...curious...

katelyn marie. said...

hello cousins (that do not believe i follow your blog).
i do indeed follow you.
what is interesting, is that you do not follow me, so i shall turn this around and make said comment.
alas, i shall not give up hope.
oh and you just wait for that post about you guys...its coming. not even a joke.
kk love
- katelyn