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Friday, August 15, 2008

I am...

I am married to the most incredible man.
I am Bickmore
as well as Bailey.
I am traditions.
I am chocolate.
I am shy about my writing and I wish I wasn't.
I am sunsets and sunrises.
I am mountains and the beach.
I am hope.
I am not born to be an office girl.
I am sister to Kelsey, Paige, Tanner, Chris, Tyler, Alex, Liz, Lauren, Adam and someday Michael Anne.
I am daughter of Kim & Terry, Mitchell & Colleen.
I am weddings.
I am swiss milk chocolate ice cream.
I am proud of my friends.
I am Utah.
I am married to the most incredible man.
I am persistance.
I am love.
I am not patience.
I am a mind that never never stops thinking even when that is not a good thing.
I am a daughter of God.
I am blessed.
I am a little bit crazy.
I am trees that rock for climbing.
I am soul music.
I am classic literature.
Sometimes, I am funny.
I am emotional.
I am a cook in training.
I am American Idol.
I am home.
I am learning.
I am faults.
I am cousin, neice, grandaughter, friend and neighbor.
I am who I am.
You guys remember those self esteem "I AM" poems that we used to have to do in middle school where you said "I am..(something you like)" well. Do one!
I tag Abbey Bick, Katy Campell, Bryce and Sophia Fogt!!!!


Unknown said...

umm its a MUST!! i am dying to see you!! and ps i miss you so much your blog makes me sad we are so distant, but i love how in love with Bryce you are!! ahhh i cant wait to see you

Lauren Alexis said... rock my socks..geez this blog is seriously making me miss you!!! I'm excited to move back down to Provo so we have the chance of seeing eachother more!! LOVE YOU

C4 McKendrick said...

Jess, you are an AWESOME & AMAZING cousin and we missed seeing you two this summer!

Greg, Abby and Baby Riggs said...

I miss my best friend :( She is suppose to be home right now but she is still in San Fran. Shame!

Mrs. Nolan said...

Hey! I got a blog and I love looking at yours! ha You and your husband are so cute!