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Monday, November 4, 2013

Bryce and Jessica Meet Chicago.

It all started when Nora was born and Mitch and Colleen came out to visit us. I was in a little bit of a fog (understandably, no?) Anyway, Mitch, in an effort to get me excited said, "I get time off in October for UEA, let's go on a trip together." Shows how well that father-in-law of mine knows me, because basically all I need is something to look forward too and I am good to go. Anywho, 10 months really does fly. We decided on Chicago, and I have to say, I loved it. 

Chicago has everything a big city should have, but with less garbage, more flowers, and the most beautiful skyline you've ever seen. I constantly was blown away by how gorgeous the whole city is. I mean, the river flowing through downtown?? Perfection. Every single building is exquisite and unique and you can tell that Chicago-ans take pride in their city. I don't blame them. 

Our weekend was jam packed full of everything you could possibly fit into four days in the city. It is safe to say that Mitch and Colleen are basically the best tour guides (and all around in-laws) ever. I'm not sure how I got so blessed with them as my second parents. I don't want to sound redundant with how amazing they are and how much fun we had and how delicious every single thing we ate was. So, I am going to just write the basics so I can always remember the details. Below is my valiant effort at remembering everything noteworthy we did while we were there. 

Landed in Chicago and checked in our hotel, the Westin River North.
Then we started walking to check out the city, walked by Michigan Ave.
Walked down by the river and the museums through a ton of beautiful parks.
Went to the Willis (Sears) Tower and did the tour, so cool. 
Lou Malnatis Pizza for dinner... deep dish pizza...soo good. 
Walked down Michigan Ave and bought a cookie for dessert at Ghirradeli's.

Wildberry for breakfast (best food I've ever eaten. Notice that I did not specify breakfast food. Best food, period. I would fly to Chicago just to eat at Wildberry and come back home. The end.)
Then we spent hours in the Museum of Science and Technology, we really could have spent days, there was so much to see, my favorite museum to date. 
Toured the University of Chicago.
The Capital Grille for dinner.
Wildberry for breakfast...again
The river architecture tour. This was definitely a highlight as well. So much genius. 
Toured Northwestern University
Dinner at Joe's Stone Crab. 
Saw the musical Once. I seriously loved this play. The actors/musicians were brilliant and the concept was new. I could have done without a few f words, but I'll be buying the soundtrack for sure.
Museum Day! Started with The Field Museum. 
Next stop, the Shedd Aquarium
Finishing up with the Art Institute of Chicago. I found myself marveling all day at the beauty on this earth. Whether made by Providence or man, there is so much good to be found. 
Roy's for dinner.
Sunday morning we woke up early and flew back to the babies. Special thanks to my parents for taking care of Luke and Nora. I'm pretty sure the kids didn't miss us at. all. I missed them WAY more than I anticipated I would, which makes my heart happy because I just love where my life is at this minute and the two sweet souls I get to spend my days with. Here are a couple pictures that my mom sent me of the children while we were gone. 
So there you have it. 

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