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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Halloween


We had such a fun Halloween week. On Tuesday night we took Luke to his first trunk-or-treat. It was totally perfect for someone his size, because it's so much easier to walk down a line of cars than it is from house to house! He didn't fight me at all on the costume (I was shocked) and he loved carrying his pumpkin bucket around, even though it was almost as big as him. When it came to the actual trunk-or-treating, he would go up to a trunk, they would give him a candy, he would put it in his bucket, and then he would hand them back a different one. So, he left with exactly nothing, which was probably better anyway since he doesn't eat candy and that is the last thing this pregnant mama needs lying around. 

On Wednesday Colleen flew in to help us finish (yes, you heard me right, we finished!) painting. She is such an angel, and it was super fun to have her there to celebrate with us. Our next bash was a trick-or treat at Dad's work. Even though the picture below is blurry, I love it. It was so cute to watch Luke follow his Daddy around the office. Bryce was a sweet Dad and husband and introduced us to everyone. I am so grateful he has such a great job, not to mention a fun work environment.

By Wednesday night Luke wasn't feeling well so we just put him right to bed like usual and he missed all the trick-or-treaters. Our I won't even tell you how much candy I went through, but that is why I love it here so much! We ordered cafe rio, and Bryce and I hung out in our driveway with Pam and Scott and passed out candy. I made my caramel corn (of course) and Pam brought doughnuts and chocolate milk. In short, we celebrated the holiday by maxing out our weekly caloric intake in two short hours. 

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