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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Catching Up

This past month has been so crazy! I honestly can't believe its only been a month since we moved here. For some reason it feels way longer. I have a few things that I feel like I need to quickly catch the blog world up on. We we first got here we stayed with my adorable Grandpa & Grandma Bickmore, I know i've mentioned that before but I just had to share one pic of the time with them!
It was so much fun to hang out with them all the time & especially for them to get to know Luke & Bryce better. I am SO grateful they are here in St. George for us to hang out with.

Our first weekend here was Halloween. Luke was the cutest little tiger I ever saw, but i'll let you see for yourself. The Kiser's were SO sweet to have us over for the most delicious soup ever. After that Luke went trick-or-treating at Grandma & Grandpa's & Kent & Leesa's. It was so funny because Uncle Kent gave Luke a little snickers bar when we rang the doorbell & he WOULD NOT let it go. So funny. Couldn't eat it yet, but didn't want anyone to take it. :)

We were with them for about two weeks & then we spent about a week moving & settling into our new place. It is in what they call Washington Fields and we have really loved the area so far. We have the cutest little backyard. I will take some pictures to post eventually.

After that week my mom & Kelsey came on Friday, and then the whole rest of the family came on Tuesday for Thanksgiving. It was SO much fun to have them all here, I was seriously counting down the days. Jordan even came down the Friday after Thanksgiving to spend a few days. We had so much fun shopping, going out to eat, arcade, going for walks, bumper cars, mani/pedis, mini golf, real golf & the boys played ALOT of basketball which is Bryce's favorite part. Me and Bryce also took advantage of the babysitters and went on a few wonderful & much needed dates. We miss them already & are so excited that Christmas is around the corner. Here are a couple photos from Thanksgiving. I've been really bad at taking pictures as you can see.

Here are a few other random pics (mostly of Luke bug) that I haven't posted yet. I have lots more that aren't uploaded to the comp. yet so hopefully someday I will post some other cute ones. It is crazy how much he is growing & changing. Every day he gets stronger, smarter, cuter & funnier. I love being able to spend time with him every day.

Hope all is well with all of you!


Ali & Trev said...

Jess he is so dang cute!!! He looks so much like Bryce and Adam! I'm glad you guys are settled in!

Matt and Melissa said...

So cute! I love the update and am excited to see you hopefully during Christmas. We will be there the 17-30 so I am sure we can find time. And that is so fun that you live in the washington fields, that is one of the places that we have looked into when we move back. That would be awesome!

Emily Kathleen said...

Beautiful little guy - and mother! Love love love the dimple.

Lesley said...

I had no idea you guys moved! Crazy! I'm excited we have more family down south to visit. Good luck! Luke is so adorable.

ceebee said...

luke is the cutest ever!! and it sounds like things are going great in st george! miss you jess!

Christine Chioma said...

You seriously have the cutest baby ever :) You should update again soon!