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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 22

I'm so thankful today that I'm a mother. I have the best son in the whole world. Sometimes I wonder if it is prideful of me to think MY son is the cutest, smartest, funniest, sweetest, strongest little four month old I have ever seen. But honestly, the things I love about him the most are traits he shares with his Daddy and traits that are purely his own. I love that he is so curious. People always tell me how he seems so aware and he really is a smart little bug. I love watching him take in the world around him. Right now it is fun to watch him learning about cause and effect. Twist the mobile, mobile spins. Shake the bottle, yummy time. Push the button, music plays. It is neat to see him puzzle things out. He has the sweetest temperament. He never cries unless something needs attention (ie:diaper, tummy, sleepy), and even then he usually gives you a few minutes of "hey, I need help over here" fake cries before he really gets into it. He likes the spotlight. All you have to do to make him smile/laugh is give him your attention. He is laughing so much more now & smiling ALL THE TIME. I love it. I make mistakes with him constantly, and he is so forgiving. When he went to get his 4 month old shots, the nurse gave him the shots and after that two second delay he started screaming. As soon as she said I could pick him up I hugged him close & he immediately stopped crying. She told me most babies cry all the way till their through the elevator & she can't hear them anymore (who could blame them? Shots are awful). He is a really brave little guy. I could go on and on but he just woke up for his bottle. What a blessing to be his mother. I am so unworthy of the task, but I try my best, & I love him.

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