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Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 14

Today I am thankful for grandparents. I think they are the best kind of people. It was so fun for us to be able to stay a few weeks with Grandma & Grandpa Bickmore. I want to be just like them. Even in two weeks I feel like I have learned so much about them, their lives, & things I can be better at that I may never have known if we didn't get that opportunity. That alone makes this move a blessing for me. I am like my Grandma in some ways I never knew before. We are both ocd clean, we both love to read, we both love chocolate. If only I had her sweet countenance. My Grandpa is an advice-giver & a businessman. He is in love with my Grandma and he has the greatest laugh. Sometimes when i'm around him I know what he is going to say next before he even says it because it is exactly what my dad would say. He is frugal. He worked hard to earn a living & knows how to save. Both of them are so Christlike. I love playing aggravation with them, & hearing stories about Pennies and watching them with Luke (he loves them so much) and most of all watching them interact with each other. I am so excited to live closer to them now.

My Grammy & Grandpa Kresge are so warm. That is how I would describe them, and when you walk into their home it is the same feeling. My Grammy is the most selfless person I know. She gives and gives and gives & never keeps for herself. I have to be careful around her to not say anything that we need or want, or compliment her on anything she has. She has quite literally given me the ring off her finger, or the table in their kitchen. It's unbelievable. My Grandma doesn't judge anyone. I will always remember that she bought me my "clam up" shirt that I wanted with sparkly clams all over it that my mother wouldn't let me wear. She has always been just like a friend to me. My Grandpa is a master storyteller. He gives the best hugs. I think he is the only person I know who picks Bryce up to hug him when he sees him. He's strong as an ox & I love stories from his soldier & wrestling days. He has the greatest testimony. I love both these Grandparents were converts and grew up in New York. They both serve in the temple each week. They always cheer you on. I love them. They are also so Christlike.

Grandma Prince is so spunky. Even though I have known her for four years now I love how I never know what she is going to say next. She has a great love for her children & family and has raised them well. She is a strong woman. It has been hard to watch her lose her companion, but she is a fighter & I am always impressed by her strength & poise. I love her. Grandpa Prince was adorable. I can still close my eyes and picture his smile & laugh exactly. He was always smiling. More than anyone else, he immediately made me feel a part of this family. He was such a hard worker. He taught me so much in the short time I knew him and I miss him.

I am also so grateful for Luke's amazing grandparents. He loves them so much. I don't know how anyone could have grandparents better than mine, but my son might have a fighting chance at it.


Ronde said...

I LOVE Uncle John and Aunt Diane. They ROCK!

Ronde said...

fyi I am your Dad's cousin
(a Ben Tueller)

jessandbryce said...

Hi Ronde! We got to hang out with your parents a little when they were down here, they are so cute! And so proud of you :)