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Thursday, May 5, 2011

St. George for Easter

St. George has always been somewhat of a haven for me. It was so nice to have two days off work to enjoy the wonderful sun (oh how i'd missed it!) and some great family time. I love my Grandma & Grandpa Bickmore so much & it was so good to see them as well as the Kent & Lisa clan. We had tons of fun laying by the pool, shopping, going out to dinner & the theaters & of course playing aggrivation! The boys, however, spent the majority of their time either on the basketball court, kicking a soccer ball, or hitting golf balls. I am so mad that I only took my camera out for like fifteen minutes, but here is what I had to show for it.
As far as other news, not too much is going on! Mostly Bryce & I are both busy working! Bryce is also studying for a big test & that is stressful & takes up a lot of his time so it will be nice when it's over! The little guy is doing well as far as we know, he is getting big & he is definatly a wiggle worm! We have also been really trying to live on our new budget which is based on Bryce's salary alone since I will be quitting my job when the little guy comes around. It has been really hard, but we can do it! I am so grateful for such a good husband who works SO hard to provide for our family. We are so blessed in every way, & I feel so indebted to the Lord. So what if we can no longer eat out, etc?! I am trying really hard to get into this coupon thing & be a better meal planner as well, so i'll let you know how it goes... I can't believe that I am almost 26 weeks along! I feel like time is going by really fast & i'm excited to start getting stuff ready for the little guy. Sorry this is so scattered but that is what is going on with us! Love you all & hope you're all enjoying this nice spring weather we're having :).


B and B said...

Look at you and your cute little bump! Sooo looking forward to meeting your cute little mister!

Amelia said...

Don't worry about the budget, you can't really go see movies with a newborn anyway! This made me homesick to go to St. George. We made our own aggravation board so we can keep that up in Scotland!

Sarah said...

there is the bump! yay! you guys are cute! coupons!!!!

Matt and Melissa said...

Oh I love your grandparents house in St. George. Matt saw the picture of where they live and said he thinks his friend hit their house with golf balls a few times. HAHA! I love your little bump, you are looking great! And teach me any coupon tricks, I am quitting my job in September and our budgeting may need a little work too :)

Heather said...

CUTE PICTURES! I can't wait for the baby bean to arrive! I'm gonna NEED you to take tons more photo's and blog em! I am really sad that I will miss all the fun!