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Friday, January 14, 2011

I snuck in on Tanner practicing drums.... wanna see?

I actually snuck in before this video starts, but I wanted to start filming at the beginning of a song. Haha. He caught me right at the end of this one though.

Can you believe he's only been playing for 2 years?

I am biased because he is my brother but Tanner is seriously the coolest 14 year old i've ever known. He is so fun to be around & just relaxed. I'm so glad he's my brother, I love watching him play basketball, play drums & just havin him hang out with us.

Love you Tan! Even though you'll never read this!

P.S. I think the song he's playing is called "I Caught Fire," if you know it.


katelyn marie. said...

oh snap. he is great. coolest cousin errrrr!

Sarah said...

jacob says, drum battle- soon! jk but he says that tanner is way better than he was at that age so that is awesome! is it i caught fire by the used? just wondering. i love your whole family. just fyi.