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Thursday, September 2, 2010

An update on us & a few loved ones.

I can't believe it is September already! Where in the world does the time go? Here are some updates on us & ones we love.

-Went to Tanner's Drum recital two weekends ago. So awesome, he is getting so good! Only recital ever where you'll see everyone sporting earplugs & shorts. So sweet. I tried to post a vid. forever with no luck.
-Tan is also finishing up his eagle project! I'm so excited to make him an eagle cake!
-Paige moved out to BYU & is officially out on her own!! So crazy!!
-Paige also started a blog so you can follow her adventures here:
-Ryan is home & Kelsey & Ryan are ENGAGED!!!!! We are all SO excited for them to be sealed together forever on Oct. 21st! They deserve it, & Ry is already a part of the family.

-The real story can be found on Kels & Ryan's blog, (coming soon)!!!!

-Kels turned 21 yesterday! You are so legit now! Love you girl, thanks for always being there for me & inspiring me! I'm so so happy your dreams are coming true!

As for me & Bryce, we are amazing.

He went out of town last week to go to 8/28 or "Restoring Honor" in Washington D.C. I am just so proud of him for being the kind of person who takes the time, effort & money to stand up for what he really believes in. He said the conference was amazing. I think it is so encouraging to see so many people who want to keep God in this country.

Little love stories:

-I missed him so much while he was gone, & my friend at work said, "sheesh, you really aren't the same without Bryce gone." Nope. I'm not. What a blessing I can have him forever.
-Bryce knows how much I love getting mail, so everytime we get an actual letter, he ALWAYS saves them for me to open.
-Even though Bryce wakes up 2 hours before me (5:00 A.M. to be exact) this morning, like several other mornings, when I went down to get ready to go my lunch was already made & in the fridge.
-About a week ago we were at Target and I saw these cute brown flats I really wanted, but they didn't have my size. Well, Bryce secretly text himself the skew number and they came in the mail a few days later from Amazon.
-Even though i've NEVER heard him really sing in public, he sings to me at night to help me fall asleep.
-I love it when he calls me or texts me throughout the day, because I know that he needs me like I need him. Thank heavens for that... seriously.


Sarah said...

yay for all of these things!!!!

Unknown said...

I know I just texted you but I really cried when I read this! I am so lame. I miss you so much and your adorable family and can I please be invited to a shower for Kels?! AHHHH!! Love you so much!

The Adamsons said...

Ah! So excited for Kelsey! Miss you, we should all get together asap

Matt and Melissa said...

Oh so exciting, what an uplifting post ha ha. Tell Kelsey congratulations, that is super exciting !!

Lesley said...

I can't believe Kelsey is engaged! The last time I talked to her he wasn't home yet! Can't wait for the wedding-how exciting!

B and B said...

Ok, you two are just about the most adorable people ever! Love you guys!

Mrs. Nolan said...

So I think I saw you on T.V. the other day. Am I right, or am I losing my mind!!

jessandbryce said...

Haha was it a commercial for the storytelling festival?? Ya I am on there :D.