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Saturday, August 1, 2009

3000 Calories Later

Just wanted to shout out to my lover. Thanks for taking me to the best breakfast in the land. I love you. Just a little advice to the readers: Magleby's Fresh has the best french toast in the world, but unless your interested in writing a creamy love note, don't get the fruit bowl topped with whipped cream. Or should I say the cream bowl topped with a bit of fruit. Just ask Abby, she'll tell you.

You know what? I'm in the mood to give another shout out this evening. I think I just better give some love to my main wizard. To Harry Potter, the boy who lived. You're an inspiration to all. Who knew that the dorky kid with glasses would become the youngest person in history to master the Patronus charm. Expecto Patronum!!! Man he was good.


Sarah said...

I love this, and I agree about Maglebys AND Harry Potter.

Sophia said...

Love Maglebys and Love Harry Potter!!

ABick said...

love you and harry potter!!
you MUST come visit me!!