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Saturday, June 27, 2009

one and a half

Yes ladies and gentlemen, we have been married for one and a half years today. I would like to publicly announce that it has been the best one and a half years of all time. I woke up this morning to roses and breakfast (and its not even a real anniversary, its just because he loves me!) he told me before we got married that he would make me breakfast every Saturday morning, and one time i told one of my married co-workers that and he said, "we'll see how long that lasts, talk to me in six months" but guess what, its been a year and a half BOO YAH! Just one example about how my husband and my life are amazing. it's not about the breakfasts though (even though they are fabulously amazing) its about how Bryce makes me better than I am, and how for some reason he loves me so much. I am so blessed. Happy one and a half years to us!


Unknown said...

Yay for love!

Sarah Jane said...


EssayEm said...

it's a good thing that bryce is not a battle rapper. if he was, and his opponent was able to read this before their battle rap, bryce would be utterly demolished. it's sad, because in life you score points for being an awesome husband. but in battle rapping, you do not.