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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The 4th of July and other random things.

The fourth of July was so fun this year! It was definitely one of the best ones I've ever had! We just woke up and had breakfast together (Bryce makes the best smothies)!!! And then we got ready and went to see Walle! It was so good, Bryce thought it was the best Disney/Pixar movie yet, (I still love the Incredibles) but anyways then we went shopping for a little while (woo hoo) and then we went to dinner at Mimi's cafe. After that we went home and took a little nap and then we went to the fair over in pleasant hill (where we took these pictures) we just hung out on a blanket and read and played cards... i'm undefeated! And then we watched the fireworks!

This guy was passing out Obama stickers and he asked us if we wanted one and I was like "sure" and he turned to Bryce and said, "you've got a smart girlfriend". Haha. I didn't correct him though, if we were young to be married in Utah then we are like one in a million here. The other day I was at the grocery store and this man who was checking me out wouldn't stop talking to me and he scanned this candle that was a number 6 and he was like "what is this for" and I said "oh it's my six month anniversary tomorrow" and he said, "six month anniversary of what?" and I said "of marriage". Ha it was way funny, but he was rude to me after that. Oh well. Anyways though i'm posting that Obama picture for my dad (hehe). And the fireworks were amazing and so beautiful!


Greg, Abby and Baby Riggs said...

I am just figuring this thing out! Forgive me if I do not post this in the correct spot. I can't promise I will stick with this blog thing but I am going to try!!! We miss you guys so badly! Your fourth of july looked like it was so romantical. We gotta come out there. Too bad we gots no money!!! I need to come back here asap! Love you.

Van Hoose Family said...

haha i love the whole six month thing...people are awesome! haha i love you!!

ABick said...

Go Obama!! and i'm being serious! :D
sounds like a fun day though guys!