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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

General Summation of Life

Well I just spent the last while browsing through all my lovely friends blogs only to discover that you really don't have to have something to talk about to post a blog (haha j/k guys)! Truthfully however I am pleased by this news because work is sooooo super boring that i am happy to be able to write about nothing!

Its a good thing that I have Alex out here in the office with me because if i didn't I would lose my mind! We get cabin fever so bad in here, and I have to admit that I have never in my life looked up things on the internet as much as we do, namely
-blogs (for me)
-facebook (for alex)
I have read alot though which is really nice! Most recently is "The Host" and "Pride and Prejudice" but I am now onto "Mansfield Park"! Gotta love Jane Austen.

It was so fun last weekend because Liz and Laur and Tawni came out to visit and I got to take a day off work and go to San Fran with them!!! I miss them so much, so it was so nice for them to be here even though it was sooooooooooooooooooo short.

We went to six flags the other day and me and Bryce spent 5$ on a bucket of rings (a whole bucket) and we couldn't get a single blasted one on the top of a bottle. I couldn't believe it.

So the other week me and Bryce and Alex and Tyler and Ben and Sutton all got callings as.... primary teachers!!!! Me and Bryce teach the 11-12 year olds namely Alaina, Lexi, Sunny, David, Patrick and Elliot. They all play around with Bryce and joke with him and whenever I talk they all listen like I am so scary or something :( oh well haha!!
I don't have any pics from Tawni yet but hopefully they will come soon!


Van Hoose Family said... sweet! your challenge three days, look at my blog. you will be pleasently suprised...hopefully! :) i love you girl!!!

Unknown said...

Jess I miss you oh so much!! I need to come visit!! I love you! please call me soon!

Ali and Dane said...

YAY yay yay, of course you don't have to have anything going on, just your daily thoughts will do, and most of the time it's more interesting then the actual big events! haha good to see you have a blog!

Amelia said...

Hi Jessie! It's one of the big cousins! Love your blog and that I can keep up with what everyone is up to. You made a beautiful bride, too bad Scotland is so far away!

ABick said...

you are the farthest thing from scary!! haha love you hon!

Cameron said...

flattered that you read my blog. just flattered. i hadnt a clue you even had one.

Unknown said...

Travis Sprenger!! He is a cutie! how are you missy moo? pick up your phone and call me!!!!

Sarah Jane said...

posh puppies!