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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bryce is AMAZING!!

Story #1 : Broken Mirror escapades

Shortly after moving to California we ventured into the underground parking to find our spots. My spot is between a huge pillar and the concrete wall with barely any space in between. Bryce cautioned me to be careful when backing out of my spot to which I arrogantly replied that I would be just fine. The first time I drove on my own when pulling into my spot I knocked the mirror of my car (shocker) . I was so embarrassed and humiliated and I was scared to tell Bryce, but I called him and told him and he said , "Oh Jess that's no big deal don't even worry about it, are you ok?" And then he proceeded to look up mirrors online, order one, and fix it himself rather than taking it to a shop. Love him.

Story #2: Nasty Sink Disaster

Last night I came back from work and our sink smelled a little funny. So I turned on the water and it wasn't draining, so I turned on the disposal at which point our sink started fountaining up nasty throw up esque food and water from both sides. I was thoroughly disgusted at which point my very own hero walked in the door and began to explain to me what he knew of kitchen plumbing while he busted out his tools. Below are the pictures of him saving my life. Which he does on quite literally a daily basis.
It is so nice to have a husband who thinks of little everyday crisis's as adventures rather than stressful events. He is everything that i'm not. I always wonder at how positive he is. Anyways I just felt like declaring this to everyone today. I love him!


Sarah Jane said...

where can i find one of this species of handy husbands?

-that sentence not grammatically correct. don't care.

ABick said...

how lucky for you!! :D