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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Indiana Jones' Encounters of the Third Kind

Basically, the midnight showing of Indiana Jones was well worth it until a flying saucer busted through the remains of an ancient Incan civilization and flew away. It was quite ridiculous, but I had a bag of gummi octupi to keep me happy, and Jess was asleep by then.


Sarah Jane said...

never seen anything more rad than the picture at the bottom of your blog! and.. thank goodness for those octupi you had because aliens v. indy jones doesn't sound cool!

Lauren Alexis said...

YAY! I'm glad yall joined the blogging world, and the picture below is pretty much awesome.

Unknown said...

You 2 rock my world! Mishoo

sophie said...

jes you have a blog???
love you. miss you.

Van Hoose Family said...

duuuude i was just going to comment on how much I love that bottom picture too!! i just showed my sister kaisey and she was like, oh they built a fort together...they are the cutest couple in the world! yeah, that is a pretty heavy award, but it is placed in the right hands i do believe. :)

ABick said...

hey cuz and cuz's husband! :D i definitly agree w/ you bryce about the CRAZY UFO bustin' out! i mean what?? the rest was thoroughly enjoyable!